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SIMURP – Implementation Support and Review Mission

PMC SIMURP World Bank Field Visits to High Level Diversion under BWS Nusa Tenggara I 10 October 2023



Team Hard+Soft Component:
• Go to High Level Diversion
• Discussion at Direksi Keet
• Field Visit to High Level Diversion


Team Hard+Soft Component:
Team Hard+Soft Component:
Total: 25 orang
▪Bappenas: 2 Person
▪MOF/MPWH: 2 Person
▪CPMU: 2 Person
▪CPIU: 2 Person
▪NPIU OP-Bintek: 2 Person
▪NPIU Bangda: 2 Person
▪World Bank: 4 Person
▪AIIB: 1 Person
▪PMC: 3 Person
▪TA DED & Supervision A: 3 Person.


Discuss at Jurang Batu/Jurang Sate Hilir
(kantor direksi keet),
Presentation & discussion on ongoing civil works under BBWS Pompengan Jenebrang, including: physical and financial progress status vs S-curves by Supervision Consultant (including contracts, implementation plan, issues, cause of delays, and action plans with timeline), irrigation modernization activities.