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Tim FMSRB Cs02

Tim FMSRB Cs02 Trip to Serang mengikuti berbagai aktivitas
dalam rangka Asian Development Bank Review Mission 2023

Technical meeting:
– CW3 implementations progress and issues.
– Subprojects updates;
– FFEWS Operational
– Flood Risk Management Plan,
-Technical meeting with Serang District government

Technical meeting dilaksanakan secara Hybrid

Progres Agenda:
(i) Subprojects preparation updates,
(ii) Review Work Plan and Progress Implementation CW03
(iii) CW03 LAR activities and the Budget allocation,
(iv) AMDAL and IEE (EMP/CEMP) implementation CW3, RKL/RPL to be submitted by BBWSC3 to DLH;
(v) Problems solving.
(vi) Meeting with Tim pelaksanaan Pengadaan Tanah to discuss progress on land acquisition implementation for remaining land of CW 03.
(vii) Review planning for operating the FFEWS
• Review planning of the final FRMP including the progress of stakeholder consultation
• Planning Endorsement of the final FRMP
• Integration of gender issues in FRMP
– Review annual work plan,
– FRMP progress
– budget allocation, local government plans and integration
– community-based activities Integration with regional plans,
– progress of gender action plans
– Project Output. O&M plan
– LAR progress of activities, impact during construction
– Progress of livelihood social program and program acceleration
– Budget allocation, coordination, and responsible agencies.

Bappenas, CPMU, MOA, MOHA, CS01, CS02,CS04, CS05, CS06, CS09, Sekber, ADB Mission team, DPIUs, BPKAD.